Company Profile

BIOSONDA is a private Biotechnology Company founded in 1992 by Chilean entrepreneurial scientists.

BIOSONDA has oriented its business along two main lines: the investigation, development, production and commercialization of biotechnological products for the international markets, and the marketing and distribution of a wide range of products and services in Protein Chemistry, Immunology and Molecular Biology for Research and Academic Institutions.

BIOSONDA’s Intellectual property rights include BLUE CARRIER®, a hemocyanin carrier protein for the production of antibodies, obtained from the hemolymph of the mollusk Concholepas concholepas.

The Company is organized as follows:

· Commercial Area: It comprises a sales force with the technical, managerial and computer support needed for providing quick and efficient services.

· Research and Development: The staff is formed by scientists with wide experience in Immunology and Protein Chemistry.

· Production and Quality Control: The production facilities are equipped to meet the standards we set for our R&D work and the products and services we bring to market.

· Support and Custom Services: BIOSONDA’s scientific staff offer counseling in Immunobiotechnology. We are experts in antigen characterization with polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.


Located in the area of Santiago, in close association with Chilean Universities, Research Institutes and Biotechnology Companies, BIOSONDA currently provides cutting-edge immunotechniques and products for Biotechnology Industries, Universities, Academic Institutions and Public Research Institutes. It has commercial agreements with worldwide distributors of fine chemicals for research and development, such as, THERMO, SIGMA-ALDRICH CHEMICAL COMPANY and SANTA CRUZ BIOTECHNOLOGY, USA.


BIOSONDA has the capability to produce polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and to develop cutting-edge immunochemical techniques.

Since its foundation, our Company has been awarded by competitive grants from the Chilean Research Council (CONICYT-FONDECYT) to develop basic and applied research, and grants from the Chilean Production Council (FONTEC-CORFO), to develop products and services.