Blue Carrier in 50% glycerol

BLUE CARRIER® Hemocyanin from Concholepas concholepas: The new carrier protein to produce antibodies. A product developed by BIOSONDA

BLUE CARRIER® is a solution containing Hemocyanin, an oxygen transporter protein, purified from the hemolymph of the mollusk Concholepas concholepas (Loco).

The characteristic deep blue color of BLUE CARRIER® preparations rely in the oxygenated form of this copper containing protein.

BLUE CARRIER® has been used with great success in world wide by Biotechnology Companies and by academic researchers to produce antibodies to small molecules. Biosonda’s adventageous formulation designs match with the customer needs in protein saline buffer concentrations. The typical formulation of BLUE CARRIER® consists in a solution 50% glicerol that preserves the immunogenic and physicochemical properties of the hemocyanin molecule.Hemocyanins obtained from mollusks, are highly immunogenic for the vertebrates, due to their molecular size (Mr 8.0 x106 to 1.4×107) and their phylogenetic origin, distant from vertebrates. They contain a number ofe-amino groups from lysine, and carboxylic (Asp or Glu) groups, which allow their conjugation with peptides and haptens by traditional methods, such us glutaraldehyde and 1-ethyl-3(3-dimethylaminopropiyl)-carbodiimide (EDCI) and  as well as through sulphidryl groups introduced into the peptides [4,5]. The amino acid composition of BLUE CARRIER® is shown in Table 1.Due to the high molecular weight of hemocyanins, loses its solubility after liophilization. BLUE CARRIER®  does not have this disadvantage, because its collection and purification gives rise to a blue, pure and transparent solution. Moreover, it is suspended in the most adequate buffer for the coupling method selected, thus simplifying its manipulation and use.