in 50% Glycerol
Blue Carrier EDC®
Conjugation Kit
Blue Carrier Protein
in 50% Glycerol

Is a non-sterile solution containing the hemocyanin, obtained from the hemolyph of the Chilean mollusk Concholepas concholepas.The characteristic deep blue color of BLUE CARRIER® preparations, rely in the oxygenated form of this copper containing protein.

Worldwide presence:
Since its introduction to the world market, 15 years ago by our Company, more than 15 kilograms of the protein has been purchased by Universities, Research Institutes and Biotechnology companies around the world. Millions of immunizations have been successfully performed,Hence, most of the antibodies commercially available for biomedical research in the world have been produced using Blue Carrier.

BLUE CARRIER® match with the customer needs in protein concentration in PBS buffer It consists in a 150 mg/ml protein solution in a PBS in 50% glycerol, that preserves the immunogenic and physicochemical properties of the molecule. Hemocyanin obtained from mollusks, are highly immunogenic for the vertebrates, due to their molecular size (Mr 8.0 x106 to 1.4×107) and their phylogenetic origin, distant from vertebrates.

Conjugation to peptides and haptens: 
BLUE CARRIER®contains a number of epsilon-amino groups from lysine, and carboxylic groups (Asp or Glu), which allow their conjugation with peptides and haptens by traditional methods, such as glutharaldehyde and 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropiyl)-carbodiimide (EDCI) and as well as through sulfhydryl groups introduced into the peptides.

Solubility and stability:
Due to the high molecular weight of hemocyanins, loses its solubility after l .However, our product does not have this disadvantage, because its collection and purification gives rise to a blue, pure and transparent solution. Moreover, it is suspended in the most adequate buffer.




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